© Tjaša Kalkan, 2019


The work “Sunset Beach”, created during an artist’s residence in the Flora Gallery, ironises the obvious commercialization, which pervades – with its imperatives and aesthetics of these imperatives – the elemental visual symbols of summer and summer resorts.
New trends in the improvement of tourism offerings, the growth of material tourist services and the subversion to capitalist values of progress have become a generally accepted irony and nonsense we accept, because the materialistic trends are rampant and ubiquitous, so we are used to their presence.
Swimming pools next to the sea, huge holes in areas that were recently covered with forests, and construction sites where workers at summer temperatures, almost invisible, create a new vision of tourism and the future filled with plastic lounge chairs.
Something between an airport and a fair, the Lapad Bay area, once known for its top range of tourism, culture, natural beauty and coexistence, is today heavily polluted and irretrievably devastated at all levels. The newly designed project is more and more similar to a video simulation  whereby the users of this type of tourist service (or tourist scam) fit perfectly into a contemporary absurdist play.
Sunset Beach” is an act of resistance to commercialization and devastation of space. If we abstract the humor and the irony that emanate from the exhibition, we are faced with fine-packed horror that we consume by participating in it. 
— Staša Aras

Art residency at Gallery Flora Dubrovnik, 2018