© Tjaša Kalkan, 2019


The Končart Group is an art company that consists of 15 subsidiaries and one associated company headquartered in Zagreb. Končart’s core business is the production of artworks for the international art market. Annual sales amount €400 million, of which half are exports. Končart’s works have been exported to more than 100 countries worldwide. The company currently employs about 4000 artists. The current production program includes construction and installation of fine art and conceptual artworks, sculptures, hybrid installations, new media, lumino-acoustic projects, multimedia facilities, metal art and graphics, multidisciplinary art exhibitions, bio-art home systems and audiovisual interactive installations.
I’m developing a fictional version of Končar (an actual electrical, transport and energy company) which follows the structure of the original company but transposed into the context of artistic production, sales and markets. The photographs capture strange objects in a large factory facility (in the phase of their construction or deconstruction), presenting them as artworks (sculptures, installations, paintings ...), emphasizing the potential similarities between two seemingly completely different worlds: worker / artist.